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Liability limit

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Since there are links to other websites on the Kliping d.o.o. website that are in no connection with the company Kliping d.o.o. and are in its control, Kliping d.o.o cannot guarantee and receive or forward complaints regarding the accuracy of the content of any website, for which it provides a link or reference and does not take any responsibility for data protection on these websites.

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Confidentiality of data

Company Kliping d.o.o. automatically collects data on the use of these sites, especially data of the website visits, the number of visitors etc. This data do not allow access to users’ personal data. We will use them to improve the use of the site. Company Kliping d.o.o. respects your privacy and is committed to safeguard the privacy of website users. Your personal information that you will provide to us by subscribing to e-newsletter will be protected according to Personal data Protection Act. The collected data will be used exclusively to inform you about novelties and activities of Kliping d.o.o.