Monitoring all media resources in real time.

Media content no longer chooses sources. To understand media events and appropriate responses of the organisations, a comprehensive insight into the media sphere as well as all media resources is necessary. New technologies enable users to become creators of the media content themselves. With Kliping MAP platform combining all the sources in one place, you can easily concentrate on your work.


Extracting the relevant information from a plurality of media data.

The power of media analyses derives from the integration of media information into knowledge, which leads decision-makers in organisations successfully through a variety of business challenges. Media analyses represent the added value that shows different sides of media image and, according to your needs, combine them into useful advice in the formulation of business strategies.


The best tools for your communication challenges.

Planning communication activities requires a series of complex tasks. Very practical tools and practical solutions in the form of mailing lists of the media and journalists, archive media collections, various reports etc. are all an indispensable tool to achieving your goals as well as excellence in communication.